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Welcome to m to mm, our page dedicated to the meters to millimeters conversion.

Here, we basically answer how many millimeters in a meter.

Throughout our website we use the American spelling meter for the fundamental unit of length in the metric system.

The same applies to its sub-multiple millimeter.

Should you have been looking for metres to millimetres, the international variant, then you have also come to the right side, of course.

Keep reading to learn how to convert the units, and make sure to have a look at our calculator further below.



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Meters to Millimeters

One meter is equal to one thousand millimeters.

In other words, the meters to millimeters ratio is 1000:1. The millimeter is a sub-multiple of a meter, as implied by the metric prefix milli.

And the SI unit abbreviations are mm for millimeter and m for meter.

Taking all of the above into consideration, m in mm no longer poses a problem to you.

One meter comprises of thousand millimeters: [mm] = [m] x 1000. This is the m to mm formula.

Here you can change mm to m.

By reading on you can take the conversion in.

In the section ahead there is an example which employs the formula above.

Convert M to MM

To change a length, width or height simply apply the formula and multiply the length in meter by 1000 to get the equivalent in millimeters.

Alternatively, a division by 1/1000 produces the same conversion.

For example, to change 3 meters to millimeters multiply 3 by 1000 to get 3000 mm.

Frequent conversions in this category include, for example:

By now know how to convert meter to millimeter, but you can have it easier by using our tool above.

What’s more, our calculator is capable of “swapping the units” by taking the output as input.

About our Converter

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To use our app insert your height, length or width.

For fractions you have to use the decimal point notation. Our converter automatically does the math for you.

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N.B. Since 1983, the meter has been defined as the distance traversed by light in the time of 1/299792458 seconds.

It used to be a ten-millionth of the distance from the North Pole to the equator at the time of its inception, in the year 1793.

M to MM Conversion

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– Article written by Mark, last updated on November 30th, 2023